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To define the term underground music poses some difficulties, because it comprises various movements and genres - from Rock n Roll to Punk, from Disco to Techno, from Gothic to Wave, etc. Underground music is beyond mainstream but has always been inspiring it. New and alternative tendencies in music tend to be considered skeptic by the music consuming masses. On the other hand the different genres gather real and loyal fans around them who hold the value of these innovations in high esteem. Underground music is something you decide in favour and nothing you just hear.

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Depeche Mode »

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Style check: Hip-Hop »

The various music styles always go hand in hand with a specific kind of outfit. Metal is connected to black clothes and long hair, rock
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What to wear at a concert

What to wear at a concert »

People attending concerts often need to pay special attention to what they wear. After all, concerts are often crowded with sweat-soaked people, there is always
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The Pop Culture in Music

The Pop Culture in Music »

One of the reasons why pop music or popular culture has grown is because it connects with the society in general. As the society changes
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Lesser known bands…

Lesser known bands… »

…and their differentiation comercial bands

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Ministry of Sound

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Sub genres of electronic musical culture

Sub genres of electronic mu »

The birth of electro

There is disagreement in the music world about exactly when the birth of electronic music occurred. It might have begun with
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The electric musical cultures

The electric musical cultur »

The electric musical cultures are very diverse; they have in common but one thing: Electronic music. This style of music makes use of electronic technology
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Electronic dance music - from Synth Pop to Minimal Techno

One of the most important innovations in music in the last century is the invention of synthetic produced sounds. First experiments with electronic sound can be already found in the 1940s and 1950s. With the invention of the synthesizer in the 1960s, electronic sound became more and more part of the independent music scene and was used by various genres, such as Psychedelic Rock, New Age or Glam Rock.

In the 1980s electronic sounds became more common. New computer based techniques allowed to produce a wider range of electronic music styles. Underground movements like Techno and Acid House came into being and created its own subculture. Electronic sounds can also be found in the Hip Hop movement that began to use computer supported sampling and scratching. Currently there are various upcoming bands that combine classical elements of Pop or Rock Music with electronic beats.

One of the pioneers of electronic music is the German band Kraftwerk. With their fourth album Autobahn in 1974 they formed the foundations for all the upcoming genres that use electronic elements in their compositions. As a small underground band from western part of Germany Kraftwerk became one of the most famous and influencing band of the last century.

How the underground music scene influences the current mainstream

Underground tendencies in music have always existed and will continue existing. The reasons for why a genre or musical tendency becomes commercial do not only base on new techniques, sounds and arrangements. Underground can also be politically motivated. For example Regime critical bands spread their attitudes with their music. Examples can be found in the history of the ancient Soviet Union or the GDR during the 80s. The musical protest movement was persecuted and condemned by the government. Critical voices could also be heard in democratic nations like the UK where the Punk movement, lead by bands like the Sex Pistols, the Clash or the Buzzcocks, initialized the "No Future" attitude in the youth culture.

What you call underground music in one moment can soon become mainstream. Many of the most popular bands and single artists have been part of the underground scene in the beginnings of their careers, such as Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Nirvana or - most recent - The Gossip. With their worldwide commercial success they became part of the mainstream, played by radio stations all over the world. Commercial success always entails imitators and new sounds are adapted on popular music genres.